Welcome to Revco Solar

Welcome to Revco Solar

Welcome to Revco SolarWelcome to Revco SolarWelcome to Revco Solar

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We love all of you so feel free to join us to save the planet called earth for next generations with green energy.

Revco Solar Inc, Solar people of Canada

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Proudly Canadian.

Revco Solar inc is a Canadian company. Successfully installed  solar  projects  all over, generating Clean and green power.

Lights and Power anywhere and everywhere.

We have all the lighting solutions as per demand of any country or territory.

Lights everywhere, No wiring, No trenching, easy to install.

Make use of Solar power.

To use solar energy is a step forward towards a clean and green environment. We deliver custom made Solar kits, Solar street lights, Solar  lantern, Solar water pumps and more, anywhere in the world, with Canadian technology and support.   

Solar Energy systems are durable and safe.

Where there is no power we bring the power; for example in remote areas, where it is difficult or costly to bring power we provide off grid custom made kits for your power demand. Our kits includes Solar panels, charge controller and solar batteries. We offer one of the best Solar panel manufactured in Canada. 

All your lighting solutions are here.

Solar panel are durable and doesn't go bad in rain or snow. 

There are lots of  advantages of solar panels but the most of all is that they are very handy to transport where it is very costly or even impossible to bring power. We do maintenance and repair of solar systems and lights.

Please note: Email or text for price inquiry. We accept E. transfer . Prices can be change without notice. Any damage by opening or mishandling it will void the warranty.Return policy within 15 days after purchase.